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The unique technology behind Nitix's "worry-free IT" is called NetIntelligence.

NetIntelligence provides the following key benefits:

Network discovery and mapping

This unique system, developed by Net Integration Technologies, allows a Nitix-powered server to intelligently discover and map the network world around it. For the ultimate in plug-and-play, connect a Nitix-powered server to the internal LAN and to the Internet. The server assigns itself IP addresses and discovers if DHCP needs to be enabled or disabled. The administrator can then connect to Nitix's WebConfig administration screen through a web browser and begin setting up and customizing the configuration of the server. It is that easy.

Erects and configures a secure firewall

During the network mapping process NetIntelligence auto-detects live links to the Internet and subsequently auto-configures a firewall. As services are brought on or off line, NetIntelligence simultaneously reconfigures the firewall, ensuring that the network is always secure.

Nitix's firewall executes stateful inspections of all incoming IP packets and performs network and port address translation thereby hiding the internal network from the Internet. The advanced FastForward proxy service offers simple and safe access to protected servers behind the firewall.


In a traditional network server environment, various services can some times fail resulting in downtime and/or the need for human administration. NetIntelligence's self-healing feature can automatically detect and recover these services, without interrupting day-to-day business operations.

NetIntelligence give Nitix-powered servers the ability to detect and evade malicious external attacks such as a ping of death and other denial of service attacks. NetIntelligence also protects the Nitix operating system from being modified or corrupted by malicious foreign programs and files. NetIntelligence automatically identifies changes and rebuilds the affected files.

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