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Backup: Backup Server Solution

backup systemBackup servers protect your valuable business information from being lost due to data corruption, power failures or human error.

Nitix's backup server solution makes it simple for your organization to make safe backups of all its important business files. There's no need to install extra backup software, and an Approved Partner can configure a Nitix server solution so that you will never lose more than 15 minutes of data. All of this without any of the hassles of traditional tape backup solutions.

Why Nitix's Backup Solution?

Continuous Data Backup

  • backup to the server occurs automatically as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Recover data from your backup server from any point in time

Hot Swappable Backup Solution

  • Backup is stored on server disk, and can be removed for offsite backup at any time.
  • Ensures complete onsite and offsite backup solution
  • No tapes to rotate, backup can be constantly rotated from the server
data backup server movie

Explore the Nitix Backup Server Solution

Watch our Backup Server movie to see how Nitix can help you protect your valuable business information.

Featured Backup Solution Case Studies

backup casestudy
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Before Town and Country BMW Auto Dealership deployed a Nitix-powered Net Integrator Mark I, it had used a variety of different products for its IT infrastructure. The resulting problems included frequent virus attacks, incompatible systems, and unfiltered Internet access. The solution? Continuous data backup, automatic firewall configuration, and email spam detection.

Larry Kay, Principle Architect of Integrated Designs International, an architecture firm that employs nine people in Smyrna, GA, was looking to replace his company’s unreliable server with a new server that offered reliability, performance, data backup, easy management and setup, and the ability to recover from a backup completely and in timely manner in the event of a disaster.

backup casestudy
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