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Why Linux for Nitix?

Linux has a well-deserved reputation for being stable, secure and reliable.

  • Stability - thousands upon thousands of developers across the globe are continually scrutinizing and improving the stability of the Linux kernel.
  • Security - open source software is more secure than commercial alternatives; therefore, you have a lower risk of losing data or productive staff time needed to clean up after a security breach.
  • Reliability - Linux developers are stakeholders; they want Linux to succeed. Linux gets the whole development community involved in working together to fix problems. Users not only report bugs, they even fix bugs and send in fixes, making the Linux kernel trouble-free.

Our objective in developing Nitix was to create a server operating system that sets new standards in stability, security, affordability and ease-of-use for small to mid-sized businesses. Therefore, we chose to develop Nitix on a Linux kernel.

Linux, the way it was meant to be

While organizations are eager to reap the benefits of Linux, its inherent complexities have been a deployment obstacle for many small and medium sized businesses. Autonomic Nitix eliminates these complexities, making Nitix a practical and therefore affordable path to Linux.

What does it mean to you?

Nitix's technical and commercial advantages help your company to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT infrastructure.


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