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You've taken the first step towards discovering how Nitix can help you save time and money in your business. Imagine an operating system that monitors itself and adjusts to different conditions. A server that learns about its network and is up and running in a matter of minutes with minimal human intervention. Your new Nitix server will give you more time to handle more important things - your business.


Within several business hours, you will be contacted by a Net Integration Technologies representitive to introduce you to Nitix, and to issue you your trial software. They will send you an email that will contain a link you can follow to download your Nitix trial software. The file that you download is called an ISO image, which you will burn onto a CD. Follow these instructions to get you going:

Nero Express 6:

  1. Launch Nero Express
  2. When asked "What would you like to burn?", choose the Disk Image or Saved Project option
  3. You will be shown a file explorer window. In the drop down box labeled "Files of type", choose "Image Files (*.nrg, *.iso, *.cue)
  4. Traverse the directories on your computer to where you saved the Nitix trial software ISO image.

Roxio EZ CD Creator:

  1. Launch Easy CD Creator
  2. Choose File, Create CD from CD Image... and you'll be presented with a dialog box.
  3. Click on the "Files of type:" dropdown box and select "ISO Image Files (*.ISO)"
  4. Select the Nitix trial software ISO file you downloaded then press Open.
  5. At the CD Creation Setup dialog box, make sure the Write Method is set to Disc-At-Once and Close CD.
  6. Select the desired write speed and create options, if necessary, then press OK to begin recording.

Once you've burned Nitix onto a CD, simply insert it into the CD drive of the computer you'd like to install it on, and reboot the PC.

Before You Begin

Before installing your Nitix trial software, it is highly recommended that you run the built-in Nitix Compatibility & Diagnostics tool, which allows you to check the compatibility of your hardware for running the Nitix server operating system.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • x86 based system
  • At least one IDE and/or SCSI hard disk
  • At least one Network Interface Card
  • IDE or SCSI CD-ROM drive
  • VGA based video card

Required External Peripherals:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard

Caution: Nitix trial software should not be deployed in a production environment. You can only deploy Nitix trial software in a test environment.

Caution: Using the Nitix trial software CD or the Nitix Hardware Compatibility and Diagnostics CD on a computer will completely destroy all existing data. Only install Nitix trial software on a test system.

Support Options:
The Nitix trial software is provided as a convenience only. For assistance, consider participating in our Nitix Discussion Forums to share your Nitix trial software experiences with your peers and to ask for advice.

Nitix Trial Software Resources

Nitix Hardware Compatibility and Diagnostics CD User Manual

Nitix Quick Start Guide

Nitix User Manual

ExchangeIt! Usage Guide

ExchangeIt! Outlook Plug-in (refer to the chapter on ExchangeIt! in the Nitix User Manual for installation instructions)

Nitix Brochure

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Nitix-Certified™ Hardware Platforms


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