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Ready for Nitix is a program that we have initiated to allow our end user customers, our Approved Reselling Partners, our Solution Provider Partners, and our Independent Software Vendor Partners to share information about how they were able to successfully deploy applications using Nitix and Nitix Virtual Server.

Nitix Virtual Server is designed to run any RPM-based Linux application. In the Ready for Nitix Application Catalogue, you will find a list of applications that people have reported installing successfully on Nitix. Each listing includes verified installation instructions to help you deploy these applications on Nitix. Within the catalogue, each application will have achieved one of these levels of certification:

Nitix Tested means that there are documented installation instructions for installing the application on a Nitix-powered server, and that those instructions have been verified as correct.
Nitix Ready means that the application has met all Nitix Tested criteria, and that a third party has provided a testimonial confirming that they were able to successfully install the application following the documented instructions.
Nitix Certified means that the application has met all Nitix Ready criteria, and the vendor or developer explicitly supports their application running on Nitix.

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At their discretion, the vendor or developer of a third party application provides technical support for their application. Because Net Integration Technologies Inc. is not the developer or vendor of third party applications, Net Integration Technologies does not provide technical support for third party applications.


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