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Nitix Application Edition

Nitix Application Edition is Net Integration Technologies’ solution for small and medium sized businesses that need their servers to securely, reliably, and cost effectively provide both IT infrastructure services and run Linux®-based applications.

Nitix Application Edition has five distinct components:

  1. The Standard Linux Kernel, which provides Nitix with the stability and reliability of Linux;
  2. The Nitix Operating Layer that provides all the features and functionality required for a robust IT infrastructure;
  3. The Nitix Virtual Server, an environment dedicated for running third party Linux®-based applications;
  4. The UniConf Connector which allows for appropriate information to be securely communicated between the Nitix Operating Layer and the Nitix Virtual Server; and
  5. The Nitix Autonomic Engine, which uses the latest in self healing, self-optimizing, self-configuring, and self-protecting technologies to ensure that Nitix servers are as secure and reliable as possible.

Nitix Application Edition with Nitix Virtual Server is the Best Operating System for Your Business

When technology providers make decisions about the type and number of servers a company needs to deploy to meet its business requirements, they are looking for the optimal compromise between reliability and cost. Reduce the number of services that each server in a company has to provide, and each server should run more reliably; however, more servers will be needed. Having more servers means spending more money to purchase them, and more money to manage them. Once a decision has been made on what type and what number of servers to purchase to support the needs of the business, consideration must be made for how much more money to invest in additional technologies to ensure that the severs are properly secured, effectively backed up, and easily recoverable.

With Nitix, small and medium sized businesses do not have to compromise. Deploying Nitix as your operating system and using the built-in Nitix Virtual Server to run your Linux®-based applications will give you the reliability of running a separate environment dedicated to your applications, without having to purchase and manage a separate application server. Installing applications on Nitix Virtual server is easy. Nitix also includes the technologies required to properly secure, effectively back up, and easily recover your server-based Linux applications.

Nitix Virtual Server provides:

Customers looking for detailed technical information about Nitix Virtual Server can click here to obtain our Nitix Virtual Server Whitepaper.


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