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The Nitix-powered Net Integrator line of integrated server products are high-performance server hardware powered by the Nitix server operating system.

High Performance Hardware

The hardware for Nitix-powered Net Integrators is designed specifically to optimally run the Nitix server operating system.

The Nitix-powered Net Integrator Mark I and Mark II servers have high-performance AMD Athlon™ 64 processors, dual channel memory and gigabit Ethernet controllers, all of which contribute to provide efficient, high-performance networking services. Net Integrators use serial ATA disks to take advantage of faster transmission, better cooling and native hot plug technology. Hardware is extendible because memory and extra disk drives can be added for additional storage and data redundancy.

The Nitix-powered Net Integrator Micro and Link servers are simple, reliable integrated designs offering exceptional price performance. Net Integrator Micro and Link take advantage of Nitix's efficient design to offer businesses simple and affordable ways to connect branch offices or remote office workers quickly and securely.

All Nitix-powered Net Integrators optimize performance, can be quickly installed and easily configured and require low maintenance. These features help Net Integration Approved Reselling Partners to provide better hardware support and fast replace of parts.

Why choose a Nitix-powered Net Integrator?

Eliminating the need to buy several separate pieces of hardware and software equipment, a Nitix-powered Net Integrator enables its users to concentrate on the unique needs of their businesses without having to divert unnecessary time on IT infrastructure concerns.

Net Integrator enables IT staff to increase their effectiveness and manage more clients, maximizing the efficiency of IT budgets. And a Nitix-powered Net Integrator does all of this in a way that is transparent, powerful and extremely secure.

Not sure what's best for your business?

Experts from PC Magazine, InfoWorld, and CRN magazines have compared Nitix-powered Net Integrators to similar products from the industry giants. In each of these head-to-head competitions, a Nitix-powered Net Integrator has emerged as the #1 choice. Coupled with the low cost of acquisition and lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, Nitix is fast becoming the solution of choice for the smart business owner.


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