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Features and Benefits of Nitix AntiSpam


  • Complete protection: Automatically stops spam before it gets to the Inbox.
  • Minimized financial losses: Eliminates the cost and wasted time spent dealing with spam and junk mail.
  • Lower risk: Your company is liable for the content of email. Nitix AntiSpam reduces the cost and the risk of legal liability to your business.
  • High reliability: Powered by the Vircom SCA™ anti-spam engine -- one of the most powerful and accurate systems on the market.
  • Increased productivity: Nitix AntiSpam automatically stops spam, so there's no need to create hundreds of rules.
  • Reduced maintenance: Spam updates are automatic, so there is no need for continual system maintenance.
  • Designed for Nitix: Nitix AntiSpam is designed to work optimally with the Nitix server operating system.


Comprehensive spam protection
Nitix AntiSpam protects you from unsolicited commercial email (spam), money scams and many other threats by blocking unwanted email before it reaches the inbox. Nitix AntiSpam will also detect any hidden code or HTML manipulation designed to fool anti-spam filters..

Network-level security
Nitix AntiSpam is tightly integrated with the Nitix server operating system and resides on the server instead of your users' personal computers; therefore spam is stopped before ever reaching the inbox.

Award-winning anti-spam engine
Nitix AntiSpam utilizes the award-winning
Vircom SCA™ anti-spam engine, the most powerful anti-spam engine in the industry. The Vircom engine is the result of years of research and development in the anti-spam industry from a serious, experienced company that has successfully fulfilled the messaging needs of its clients for over a decade.

Spam updates
Nitix AntiSpam includes anti-spam updates from the Vircom Anti-Spam Database. Nitix automatically downloads and installs these spam updates via the Internet for hands-free administration.

Multi-layered anti-spam technology
Nitix AntiSpam is a multi-layered solution using multiple scanning engines to identify, classify and manage spam messages while protecting you against the counter-effects of false positives generated by most other anti-spam solutions.

Unparalleled accuracy
Utilizing the Vircom SCA™ anti-spam engine, Nitix AntiSpam is a highly reliable and powerful anti-spam technology capable of blocking 98.2% of spam and delivering a 99.99% false positive protection.

Quarantine option
Individual users may choose to have spam quarantined instead of being deleted, ensuring that they don't risk losing legitimate email due to false-positives. All quarantined emails are placed in the email recipient's folder (or an optional separate spam folder for even easier identification) so that users can sort through their own quarantined messages.

Superior system performance
Nitix AntiSpam is able to sustain a heavy load of messages through your Nitix system providing maximum stability and resource availability to the daily operations of the Nitix server. This is especially important if you are using several features of the server at the same time.

Automatic installation and easy configuration
Nitix's unique software architecture eliminates the need for manual installation; once your Nitix AntiSpam purchase is processed, it is automatically enabled*.                                   

*requires an Internet connection


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