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Features and Benefits of Nitix AntiVirus


  • Complete protection: All of your email communication and files on your network are protected against the latest viruses.
  • Minimized financial losses: Your business is protected against financial losses associated with viruses.
  • Lower risk: Dramatically lowers the risk associated with connecting your business to the Internet.
  • High reliability: Powered by the Kaspersky® anti-virus engine -- one of the most reliable and stable anti-virus systems on the market with the industry's highest virus detection rates and a minimal rate of false alarms.
  • Increased productivity: Once the system is set up, viruses are disinfected and blocked automatically letting your employees focus on business, and not viruses.
  • Reduced maintenance: Virus updates are automatic, so there is no need for continual system maintenance.
  • Designed for Nitix: Nitix AntiVirus was designed to work optimally with the Nitix server operating system.


Comprehensive email scanning
As the majority of viruses penetrate networks via email, virus protection for mail servers is an essential part of any full-scale information security system. Nitix AntiVirus scans all incoming and outgoing messages, including attachments and embedded OLE objects, for malicious code. When email messages that contain infected, suspicious and other objects are detected, the virus is immediately removed and a warning is sent to the recipient along with the original, but virus-free, mail message.

Comprehensive network file scanning
Nitix AntiVirus scans all files on your Nitix network, and will detect infected or suspicious files. When an infected or suspicious file is detected, it is automatically repaired or quarantined.

Virus protection
Nitix AntiVirus provides protection against all types of viruses such as Trojan programs and Internet worms.

Script/malicious code protection
Nitix AntiVirus provides protection against malicious scripts and code such as VB Script.

Notification and reporting
When a suspicious or infected file is detected, notification with a full description of the virus or malicious code is sent to the system administrator and the recipient of the infected message.

Scans multiple media
Reliable control over all possible sources of malware penetration, such as the Internet, email and data storage media.

Scans multiple formats
Nitix AntiVirus detects viruses in more than 900 common archive and compressed file formats, including:

  • Archive Formats (ARJ, ZIP, CAB)
  • Packed Executable Formats (PKLite 32)
  • Embedded Mail Formats (MIME)
  • Media Formats (EXE, BAT, VBS)

Superior system performance
To preserve system performance, Nitix AntiVirus runs a scheduled file scan once every 12 hours providing maximum stability and resource availability to the daily operations of the Nitix server. This is especially important if you are using several features of the server at the same time.

Award-winning anti-virus engine
Nitix AntiVirus utilizes the award-winning and highly reliable Kaspersky anti-virus engine, which was designed to meet the tightest network security requirements. Kaspersky Labs has proven expertise in protecting against viruses, Internet worms, email worms, Trojans and other malicious programs, and offers the highest detection rates with minimal false alarms.

The most complete Anti-Virus Database
Dozens of new viruses appear every day making frequent virus updates an absolute necessity for proper anti-virus protection. Nitix AntiVirus receives daily anti-virus updates from the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Database, which is one of the largest anti-virus databases worldwide containing more than 100,000 records.

Virus updates
Nitix AntiVirus includes anti-virus updates from the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Database. Nitix automatically downloads and installs these virus updates via the Internet for hands-free administration.

Automatic installation and easy configuration
Nitix's unique software architecture eliminates the need for manual installation; once your Nitix AntiVirus purchase is processed, Nitix AntiVirus is automatically enabled.


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