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Key Features and Benefits

Zero-effort install

After the initial customization, new users can be up-and-running Expression retrieves its software from the server automatically and is up-and-running in less than 60 seconds after being powered on for the first time.

Automatic account creation

When a new user account is created on the server, that user can instantly login to his or her Expression environment on the network. Email, address book, printer and file sharing settings are configured automatically.

Auto-hardware detection

There's no need to install drivers. Expression workstations detect and configure video cards, monitors, sound cards, mice, CD-ROMs, hard drives, network cards and printers automatically with no user input.

Roaming user support

When you move from one workstation to another, all your files, bookmarks, preferences and email are moved to the new station. You can use any Expression workstation on the network and see exactly the same environment.

Instant workstation replacement and upgrades

If your Expression workstation has a hardware failure or you want to upgrade to a new workstation, simply plug in a new workstation and log back in. All your files, preferences and personalized settings remain intact.


Expression workstations run at full PC speed and may include hard disk drives to prevent network congestion, in larger deployments.


Expression workstations put minimal load on the server, so several workstations can boot and run at full speed from a single Nitix-powered server.

Enhanced Reliability

Expression uses an advanced peer-to-peer distributed filesystem and distributed configuration/authentication system, enabling workstations to run normally, even if the server is offline.

Long-term Affordability

The most significant cost in any desktop environment is ongoing software maintenance. Expression eliminates unnecessary maintenance and administration, lowering overall cost of ownership.


Expression makes Linux workstations quick and easy to deploy. When Expression is combined with a complete Linux desktop environment, such as Mad Hatter or Ximian, Linux-based desktops become a practical alternative to Microsoft.

Run Linux® and Windows® applications side-by-side

Expression Premium Edition includes NeTraverse Win4Lin, which can run nearly all Windows applications, including Outlook and Office.



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