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Today, more than ever, small and medium-sized business customers are dependent on having a reliable connection to the Internet. However, the most dependable Internet connectivity options -- TI, fractional T1 and frame relay -- are extraordinarily expensive for most organizations, especially when compared to the relatively low cost of other less reliable options, including cable, DSL and satellite. To maximize Internet uptime using the most cost effective connectivity options available, DoubleVision allows customers to plug up to four broadband and a single dialup link* into a Nitix-powered server.

DoubleVision monitors the status of all connected Internet links. If a broadband link goes down, DoubleVision will automatically detect and failover all Internet traffic to the link (or links) that are functioning properly. DoubleVision also monitors the status of a failed link; when a link reactivates, DoubleVision will begin routing Internet traffic across this link again.

DoubleVision works hand-in-hand with Nitix's Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service. Nitix's DDNS service allows customers to host their own domains for web sites and for email, without having to have a static IP address from their Internet service provider (ISP). Nitix-powered servers that host domains that have been registered with Nitix's DDNS service can use any of the active links to respond to web requests and to send or receive email.

This flash movie shows how DoubleVision works on Net Integrator Mark I or Mark II servers.

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*Maximums may vary depending on your hardware platform..


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