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TunnelVision technology makes creating virtual private networks (VPNs) that link geographically separate networks and remote workers together, via the Internet, simple, secure, scalable and reliable.

As soon as a Nitix-powered server is deployed on a network, Nitix's NetIntelligence technology will discover and map all routing information necessary for that local network to function properly. When a TunnelVision VPN is invoked between two or more Nitix-powered servers, those servers exchange local network routing information, instantaneously, creating a secure virtual private network between the locations.

Some VPN solutions on the market require all locations within a VPN to have a static IP address, because static IP addresses do not change. With TunnelVision, customers can create virtual private networks using exclusively dynamic IP addresses. If a dynamic IP address changes, TunnelVision technology will automatically update its settings so that the VPN continues to function reliably.

VPN solutions generally route all traffic through a central location; as the VPN grows, bandwidth and encryption bottlenecks occur degrading VPN performance. All communications within a TunnelVision VPN are point-to-point, so that no centralized point becomes a performance-limiting bottleneck. This makes TunnelVision VPNs tremendously scalable for customers that want to add tens, hundreds or thousands of locations (or nodes) to their TunnelVision virtual private network.

Using industry standard technology (PPTP, short for: point-to-point tunneling protocol) individual Nitix-powered server users can connect their remote workstations to the VPN whenever they need to access resources or data. Customers with third party VPN-capable devices can also connect their devices to a TunnelVision VPN, if the third-party devices are compliant with the IPsec standard.

This flash movie shows how TunnelVision works.

To determine how to best configure a TunnelVision VPN to meet the specific requirements of your business, complete this form and a Net Integration Technologies Approved Reselling Partner will contact you.


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