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Integrated Autonomic Security

Most computer networks within small and medium size business are connected to the Internet. Connecting your network to the internet has several advantages. For example, you can browse the World Wide Web, send and receive email, and remotely connect to your network from anywhere that you can access the Internet. However, connecting your business to the Internet also creates the potential security issues. Unauthorized users might be able to gain access to information, resources, or the applications that reside on your company’s network. To prevent unauthorized access, several companies chose to purchase a separate firewall product.

Having a firewall product should prevent most types of unauthorized access to your network; however, firewall products can be difficult to properly configure, especially if you have applications that need access to the Internet, or people outside your local network that need access to your applications. In fact more companies experience security breaches due to mis-configured firewalls than due to not having a firewall product in place.

Nitix Application Edition provides small and medium sized businesses with a better security solution. Nitix includes a built-in firewall, so Nitix customers do not have to spend additional money to buy one. More importantly, Nitix’s autonomic technology automatically sets up, monitors and reconfigures virtually all firewall settings, in real time, depending on your requirements. This means that your firewall is always properly configured, and having a properly configured firewall will eliminate all security breaches to mis-configuration, thereby improving the overall security of your applications and your network.

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