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Improved Application Reliability

Linux®-based applications running on Nitix Virtual Server will run more reliably because Nitix Virtual Server provides a separate area within Nitix dedicated to running your applications, and because of Nitix’s autonomic self-monitoring and self-healing capabilities.

Having a separate environment within Nitix that runs your applications improves reliability in two key ways. Nitix Virtual Server provides a more stable environment for applications to run on. Nitix Virtual Server prevents application issues from adversely affecting any of the other services that your Nitix Server is providing, so that your IT infrastructure services will be more reliable .

A More Stable Environment for Applications

Once an application is up and running on a server, users want the application to continue to run problem-free. However, any change or patch that is made to the operating system on which the application resides can cause the application to stop working properly. When an application is up and running properly, minimizing the need for changes or patches will improve the likelihood that the application continues to run reliably.

If you choose to run your applications on a general purpose server, you can expect to have to apply patches on a regular basis. The most common reason to patch a general purpose server is to fix a security issue, so that hackers cannot gain unauthorized access. Nitix Virtual Server is separate from the rest of the Nitix operating system and secured from the Nitix Operating Layer. Therefore, once your application is up and running on Nitix Virtual Sever there is no need to make changes to the operating system running the application, so your applications will run more reliably.

IT Infrastructure Services Will be More Reliable

When a traditional general purpose server is running a company’s server based applications as well as providing IT infrastructure services, like: email, firewall, file and print; if any of the applications running on the server encounter a problem that problem can cause the entire server to stop working.When this happens your business is said to be “down”.

The Nitix Virtual Server environment contains a separate operating system dedicated to running your Linux applications. If either the operating system or the any of the applications deployed on Nitix Virtual Server should experience an issue, the issue is contained within the Nitix Virtual Server environment. Therefore, with Nitix Application Edition, application issues cannot adversely affect any of the other services that the Nitix server is providing, so your IT infrastructure will run more reliably.

Self-Monitoring and Self-Healing

With general purpose servers, if the operating system stops working, an administrator has to realize that this has happened, manually restart the operating system, and then manually restart application. If the same problem happens on the Nitix Virtual Server, Nitix will automatically take corrective actions. Nitix’s autonomic self-monitoring and self-healing capabilities will detect that the applications’ operating system needs to be restarted, automatically restart it, and then automatically restart the affected applications.

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