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Benefits for Solution Providers and ISVs

On Nitix Virtual Server, Linux®-based applications run as if they were running on a standard Red Hat® or SuSE® Server, without the pain and manageability issues that running such servers usually bring.

Nitix Virtual Server provides a seperate RPM-compatible operating environment exclusively for running your Linux-based applications. Once your applications are properly up and running on Nitix Virtual Server, there is no need to patch or modify the underlying RPM-compatible environment. This means that your technical support team can focus on helping your customers get the most out of your applications, without the normal tedium of having to support an operating system that is constantly being patched and updated. Additionionally, customers that run your application on Nitix Virtual Server will be able to take advantage of all the features and benefits of Nitix, the world's first autonomic operating system.

Participating in the Ready for Nitix program will expose your company and your applications to our global channel of over two thousand Approved Partners (authorized resellers) and that service our Nitix end user customer install base.


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