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    Nitix Scalable Services Structure (NS3)

The IT needs of organizations vary depending upon many factors including the number of employees, the locations of the organization’s offices, and the actual usage of the services and resources of the IT infrastructure. As organizations grow, they require an IT infrastructure that is able to expand to reliably accommodate additional load, without overburdening the organization with additional expenses.

Nitix Scalable Services Structure (NS3) provides the ability for multiple Nitix-powered servers to work collaboratively together to meet the IT infrastructure needs of larger organizations, as well as the needs of growing smaller organizations. Whether you need to have multiple servers on your network to handle workload, to provide sufficient space for storage, to run applications, to connect your remote offices, or you simply want to dedicate a server to a specific function (for example, a dedicated email server), NS3 makes setting up and managing a reliable multi-server network easy. Deploying multiple servers using NS3 can reduce IT expenses associated with network management, licensing, and network connectivity.

NS3 Fundamentals

In a NS3 network there are two types of servers: a single NS3 Master server and one or more NS3 Slave servers. Administration of individual user accounts and team (shared) accounts is centralized on the Master server. All user and team accounts are licensed to the Master server. Depending on an organization’s requirements, its network administrator assigns user and team accounts to the appropriate “node” servers. A node server may be any of the Slave servers, or the Master server itself. Slave servers can be set up to offload the master server, or to perform specific tasks.



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