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NS3 Features and Benefits

Scalable Licensing

With NS3’s user licensing model you can add additional servers to your network without having to pay for additional client access licenses (CALs) for your existing licensed users. No matter how many NS3 servers a particular user needs an account on only one user account is required for that user.

Centralized Account Management

Within the IT infrastructure of a larger company, certain users and team accounts may exist on all servers within the company while other account may exist only on only a few servers, or even on just a single sever. When it comes time to make changes to user accounts and permissions remembering which accounts on which individual servers need to be updated can be a nightmare. With NS3, all accounts on your servers are controlled from one intuitive interface, making it easy for an administrator to effectively mange your user and team accounts.

Automatic Synchronization of DNS Networking Information

As your organization expands and you open up new offices or have employees working from remote locations minimizing your monthly connectivity expenses without increasing network downtime can be difficult. With NS3, the DNS information required to keep your servers connected to the Internet and to keep your virtual private network (VPN) of geographically dispersed servers up and running is automatically synchronized between all the Nitix NS3-enabled servers on your network.

This means that you can reliably grow your VPN using the most cost-effective Internet connectivity services available to you (services with dynamic IPs, like DSL and cable). With a NS3 VPN, each office on your VPN can connect directly to every other office so your network is easy to scale because you do not have to worry about running all of your VPN traffic through a single central location.

NS3 Examples


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