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Your Internet Access

Connecting your business to the Internet

Nitix and Nitix-powered Net Integrators make sure that connecting your office to the Internet is simple, reliable, and extremely secure. We've developed built-in connectivity features that simplify the process, and included firewall protection to safeguard your office network from attacks. Nitix's one-of-a-kind DoubleVision feature uses more than one Internet connection to improve both speed and reliability. And if your hardware platform supports Nitix's Solid State Disk, your server can maintain an Internet connection even if the server's hard disk fails.

Remote Access

Need to connect multiple branch offices, or access your network while you're on the road? Nitix gives you a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to securely connect your central office to one or more branch offices. You can control user workstations remotely and even provide a remote helpdesk, enabling you to provide system support for all your branches from one location using Remote Workstation Management. The built-in Remote Access Server (RAS) feature provides access to your files even while you're away from the office, and WebMail gives you secure access to your email from anywhere in the world using a web browser.

Web Hosting

Nitix also enables you to host your own web site, and even utilize e-commerce capabilities, with our Dynamic DNS feature. This unique capability simplifies and automates publishing a web site while reducing costs.

Show and Tell

You can see a movie on how to connect multiple offices using VPN, or read about how a Canadian maintenance company, did just that. A Nitix-powered Net Integrator has also helped a rural bank in Ohio upgrade their information security while saving money on Internet access, and enabled a Canadian auto dealership to integrate multiple back-end systems and applications for a smoother operation. You can also see a movie about the unique DoubleVision feature that enables a faster and more reliable Internet connection.

Click here to learn about your local area network with Nitix, or learn how Nitix provides worry-free ownership.


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