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Run your own web site, even though you don't have a static IP address

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge extra for static IP addresses, or don't provide them at all. Traditionally, servers need a static IP address in order to publish a web site.

Using a feature we call Dynamic DNS, Nitix lets you host your own Internet site, including a web site, email, DNS, and other servers, even if you only have a "dynamic" IP address that changes periodically.

When you register a domain name, you need to provide the IP addresses of at least two DNS (Domain Name Service) servers, so that other users on the Internet can find your server. If the address of your server changes, you need to re-register the domain. Dynamic IP addresses make this inconvenient or impossible, since they change randomly, sometimes more than once a day.

With Dynamic DNS, you can register your domain using specific IP addresses owned by Net Integration Technologies. We have multiple servers on static addresses, strategically placed around the Internet. When Dynamic DNS is enabled, your Nitix-powered server will tell our servers your domain's new IP address whenever it changes.

Our servers can then act as DNS servers for your domain, and they will always contain your current address. With Nitix, all you have to do is turn on Dynamic DNS - there are no other options to configure.


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