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Making it easier to configure your local workstations

With some server and gateway products, you need to install special software or make operating system customizations on each workstation. Not with Nitix.

Nitix includes a built-in DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, which assigns an IP address to each workstation on the local network automatically. You never need to configure any of the IP settings by hand on any workstation, and if your network topology changes, Nitix can send the updates out to workstations using DHCP.

Plus, the DHCP server is self-configuring. Using advanced NetIntelligence technology, the server automatically determines which addresses on the local network are in use and which ones are not, and Nitix will only give out not-in-use addresses.

Because the DHCP server is tightly integrated with NetIntelligence, it's easy to migrate a network from static to dynamic IP addresses. If you switch any workstation from manual to automatic IP address configuration, Nitix will continue to assign the station its old address. This eliminates the inconvenient "address hopping" problems sometimes seen with traditional DHCP servers.

How much effort does it take to set all this up? Absolutely none. Nitix configures the DHCP server to support all these features as soon as you turn it on. In case you already have a DHCP server on your local network, Nitix will automatically disable its DHCP server and forward its requests to that one instead.


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